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Seal Matrix

Featured here is a copper-alloy seal matrix, which was found by Jamie New. Jamie said he wasn’t sure if it dated from the medieval period as it is in such good condition.

Seal matrices are just one of the things that used to be rare but are fairly common today due to the number unearthed by detectorists. This is great for new collectors but not so good for established collectors who have seen the value of their collections drop in price.

This matrix will be 14th-15th century in date; it is 23mm tall and has a suspension loop at the top. The base is hexagonal in shape, 19mm across the flat areas and has an incuse geometric design. Collectors prefer named matrices, or those with a coat of arms, rather than those that leave little or no scope for further research.


Jamie’s seal matrix scores high on condition and is close to the same state it was in when lost a few hundred years since. Pricewise, I’d say it should be worth £60 – £80.

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