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Two Stuiver piece of Overiissel

All sorts of foreign coins circulated in England at one time or another. Some are fairly common, whilst others are rare. The silver coin pictured here is a recent find that came in from Peter Vernon and is the first of its type I have seen as a detecting find. Peter had already identified his find but I’ll give a full ID for the benefit of those who don’t recognise it.

On one side is a crowned shield, within which is a rampant lion holding a sword and a bunch of arrows. To the left of the shield is 2 and to the right is a letter S. On the other side, in four lines, is TRAS ISVLA NIA 1681. The coin is made of silver and measures 22mm in diameter.

The preceding information adds up to this coin being a 2 stuiver piece, which was struck to circulate in the Netherlandish province of Overiissel. I’ve seen a few Netherlandish copper coins of this period as detecting finds but this is the first one made of silver.

It might be very rare as a UK find but the mintage was high so in itself it isn’t rare. However, it’s a decent looking specimen and very interesting as a UK find.

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