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Two-line type penny of Eadmund

Stephen Palmer said this coin was unearthed on the 8th of April by a friend of his. It’s an Anglo-Saxon penny and I was asked to provide as much information as possible about it.

This is a two-line type penny of King Eadmund, whose dates are AD 939 to 946. The previous king, Aethelstan, had captured York in 927 but it was lost again shortly after Eadmund came to the throne. He had to face Viking incursions in North East England but eventually regained control of most areas.

On the obverse of this coin there is a small cross within the inner circle and the surrounding legend reads +EADMVND REX. The letter V doesn’t show up and the most likely explanation for this is a depression in the flan in the crucial area. The legend is retrograde (reversed), which is unusual but is recorded on a number of two-line type pennies.

On the reverse, in two lines, is BVRNP ALD MO with three crosses between and a trefoil above and below. Therefore, the moneyer is Burnwald and the bar above the O of MO indicates it is an abbreviation of Monetarius.

This type of penny is listed in J. J. North’s English Hammered Coins as number 688a. After doing some research I can’t say at which mint the coin was struck.


The coin would grade about VF but parts of the outer edge are missing in a number of places, which detracts from its overall appearance. In its present condition my price range would be £350 to £400.

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