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Thrill of the Find

A new feature for readers to share what they have found recently, using their own words and pictures. It’s principally about sharing the thrill of the find. It could be your first hammered coin, a medieval pilgrim’s ampulla or a quirky old key. Or you can just share the joy you’ve had from going out detecting as Owen has done below. Include whatever you like: your detecting kit, the weather etc.

Contact me to upload your photos and words, or if you’re posting the story on Twitter or Facebook then let me have a link and I’ll see if I can pick it up from there.

The Finds

Grumpy Dad @mr_defend

10 March 2021

After 7 years metal detecting, hundreds of trips and thousands of holes dug, I finally found one containing this beautiful thing. A Henry V gold noble. My first gold coin. My 2 year old @Minelab Equinox 600 doing the business #minelab#gold#equinox600#metaldetecting#hammered

You can read my report on this stunning coin at Henry V Noble

From before lockdown

Owen Thomas @owenplaywright

5 December 2020

Had a fantastic day detecting today. I cannot begin to explain what Metal Detecting has done for my life. Finding the last link to a life long gone is such a unique privilege.

Video on detecting in lockdown

Owen has done a video for the BBC, where he talks about how metal detecting has helped him during the pandemic. You can see that video on Twitter or the BBC.

the_metal_detective @surfkook006

21 November

First ever hammered coin. Charles 1st silver ! #buzzing #metaldetecting #silver #garrett #treasure #adventure #explorer

Kirill Nikontcev

4 November 2020

I found it during the last Let’s Go Digging Club’s event in Gloucestershire. I was the first to find this coin, later other members of our club nearby found other gold coins-staters and quartered staters

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