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Threepence of Elizabeth I

This coin of Elizabeth I came in from Martin Depear. I was unsure of the denomination but when I asked for its size Martin said it was the same as a decimal penny, so it must be a threepence.

The mint mark on both sides is an ermine and the date above the shield on the reverse is 1572. The figure is large and thick and appears to have been punched into the die more than once. An over-date for this year is known, with a standard figure 2 struck over an inverted figure 2. However, I have seen a few of the 2 over inverted 2 variety and Martin’s coin is different. Therefore, it must be very rare and it should be of interest to a specialist collector.


Besides being a rarity, this Elizabeth I threepence would grade VF, it has nice surfaces and toning and really good eye appeal. A specialist or even a general collector of English hammered silver should be willing to pay at least £200 for a coin as nice as this one.

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