Penny of Aethelred II “small cross” type

When Ade Poole sent in this coin he said he had won it, which sounded quite intriguing. I asked for more details and Ade told me that he has been a keen detectorist for about three years and always wanted to find a coin like this one. However, he said he was lucky enough to win the coin pictured here on a Facebook group page. He is now interested in what it might be worth.

Ade’s trophy is an Anglo-Saxon penny of Aethelred II and is an example of the last small cross type (number 1151 in the Standard Catalogue). On he reverse the legend reads +AELFSIGE ON PINCST, so Aelfsige is the moneyer and Winchester the mint.

There are a number of fake Aethelred II pennies on the market but this one looks perfectly genuine. However, with just photographs to work from I can’t be absolutely certain.


This is a remarkably good coin to be won in a competition. The obverse would grade about VF, the reverse VF and it has good eye appeal. Provided that it is genuine then to a collector of Anglo-Saxon pennies it should be worth around £300.

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