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Testoon of Henry VIII

Hammered silver coins don’t come in much worse condition than this one. Overall it would grade only Poor and if that isn’t enough the flan is bent and in the past someone has drilled a large hole through it.

This coin was sent in by Christopher Phillis, who wanted confirmation of his ID. Well, after having a really good look at it I’m of the opinion that this 31mm diameter hammered silver coin is a testoon (a shilling) of Henry VIII.

In part because there was a need for coins of a higher face value than the groat, shillings were struck for the first time during the reign of Henry VII. However, very few went into circulation. More were struck later in the reign of Henry VIII but today they are quite rare and command very high prices.

I’ve been involved with detecting finds for almost 25 years and through this involvement I have seen a staggering range of hammered gold and silver coins. However, during those 25 years I have seen only one testoon of Henry VIII as a detecting find. This gives some idea of their rarity. If readers have ever found one then do let me know.

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christopher phillips
christopher phillips
2 years ago

cheers peter any idea of value please