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Gold Stater of Cauvellauni and Trinovantes

Kirill Nikontcev with Stater
Kirill Nikontoev with his gold stater

Pictured above is a delightful gold stater, which weighs 5.28 grams and is a coin of the Cauvellauni and Trinovantes. Kirill  Nikontcev, the finder, said it turned up during a ‘Let’s Go Digging Club’ event on 3 November of this year. Kirill has reported the find to an FLO.

On the obverse is a carefully cut corn ear, with a central stalk, together with CA to the left and MV (the letter V off the flan) to the right. There is no sign of any decoration to the base of the stalk. On the reverse is a prancing horse facing right and CVNO (letter O off the flan) on the ground line. This stater is an example of the Cunobelinus Classic type and is a variety of number 2798 in Ancient British Coins; in the Standard Catalogue it is number 288.

It never ceases to amaze me that coins such as this one come out of the soil. Around 2,000 years since tears might have been shed at its loss, whereas today its discovery would be met with a gleaming smile. Detectorists continue to unearth wonderful finds and I’m sure that this will continue for decades and centuries to come.


Both sides have been struck slightly off centre and there is a small striking crack at the top of the obverse. However, the coin is otherwise in good VF or slightly better condition with plenty of eye appeal. If offered for sale at auction then in its present state of preservation it shouldn’t achieve a figure any lower than £1,500.

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