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St Edmund memorial penny pendant and other finds declared treasure

A number of detecting finds were declared to be treasure this week by Norfolk Coroner’s Court. Most notable among them was this St Edmund memorial penny that has been formed into a pendant with the cross facing outwards. It is believed that the pendant would have been worn by a Viking to declare his Christian faith. It was found at Congham, near King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

In AD 870 an army drawn up by King Edmund of East Anglia was defeated by a Viking army. During or after this battle Edmund was killed and less than a generation after his death Edmund was honoured as a saint.  This coin was struck between circa 890 and 915 in East Anglia at which at the time the region was still under Viking control. During the period between killing Edmund and the coin being struck the Vikings had gone from being pagans to Christians.

Other items declared treasure include a hoard of Edmund pennies, found at Worlington in Suffolk and a Thor’s hammer found neat Thetford. Norfolk. The hammer is currently on display at the Ancient House Museum in Thetford.

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