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St Edmund memorial penny

Instead of being a detecting find, Peter George said he purchased this coin. Peter had difficulty in identifying the moneyer so he asked if I could help him out.

The coin is a silver penny and is an example of the St. Edmund memorial coinage, which was struck when the Vikings were in control of East Anglia. Within the inner circle on the obverse is a letter A and this is surrounded by a legend reading +SC EADNVND. The first N is reversed and the last two letters are joined together.

In the centre of the reverse is a cross with nothing in the angles and this is surrounded by the moneyer’s name, which reads SANCREOIT with the S on its side rather than upright. I failed to trace a moneyer of that name. It might be slightly or very blundered but whatever is the case no known moneyer came near to matching that sequence of letters.

I have not been of much help in regard to the moneyer but what I can say is that Peter’s coin is a very attractive example of the type with great eye appeal.

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