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Spink offer detectorists chance to win access to Dorset estate

Do you fancy having the opportunity to go detecting, with three mates, on a 1,300 acres of ancient Dorset downland criss-crossed by ancient footpaths that has never been detected before. Spink are offering the winners of their competition to do just that. To enter you just need to purchase The Metal in Britain’s Coins by the end of May 2022 to be entered into the draw. The event will be hosted by Dig Detectives presenter Ben Shires.

Competition details

spink competition details

The competition is being run by Spink Books. Full details can be found on page 5 of their edition of Insider 42.

The Metal in Britain’s Coins

The Metal in Britains Coins

Have you ever wondered where the metal in your finds actually comes from or how it was obtained. Graham Birch’s book The Metal in Britain’s Coins examines the provenance of the metals used in British coins and the messages they convey, from Celtic staters to 21st Century silver, and provides a fascinating insight into the stories behind our coinage over two millennia.

The Metal in Britain’s Coins can be purchased from Spink Books.

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