Some scarce shillings – a talk by Gary Oddie

Interested in coins? If you are then why not join the Yorkshire Numismatic Society? Due to the Covid outbreak face to face had to be curtailed but members continue to come together via interactive Zoom meetings. The next meeting will be held on 21 March, when Gary Oddie will give a talk entitled ‘Some Scarce Shillings’.

Gary gives the following description of the talk “This talk will present items with the value of one shilling from several series around the world. Beginning with a discussion of what makes something rare, a die study of the testoons issued by Henry VII will be presented. The attached picture is the piece that started the study. This is followed by other pieces from the regal series that are a bit more obscure and then a tour of the less familiar numismatic byways of paper money, tokens, and counterfeits from Britain and around the world.

For further details check out the YNS website and to book a free ticket visit EventBrite.

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