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Halfgroat of Edward III

Colin Smith is the finder of this 22mm in diameter English hammered silver coin. Colin thought it could be a London groat of Edward III but asked if I could let him have a definite ID on his find.

Firstly, at 22mm in diameter this is a halfgroat rather than a groat. The cross at the start of the legend has inward-curving ends, so this coin was struck during series G of the fourth coinage, pre treaty period of Edward III. On the reverse there is an annulet in the middle of the group of three pellets in the CIVI quarter, so the halfgroat is an example of series Gb.

In English Coins 1180-1551 by Lord Stewartby halfgrosts of series Gb are said the have an annulet only in ether the TAS or DON quarters; however, they are also known with the annulet in the CIVI quarter.

On the obverse the king’s face is weak but the coin is otherwise in good Fine condition and Edward III halfgroats of series Gb are quite rare. However, it has a noticeable edge chip, which is a significant minus point.

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