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Siliqua of Constantius II

Tony Hollis is the finder of this Roman silver coin. We’ve recently had several denarii on the website but just for a change this one is a silver siliqua.

Tony’s find is a coin of Constantius II, whose dates are AD 337-61. On the obverse is a laureate and draped bust of the emperor facing right and a legend that reads D N CONSTANTIVS PF AVG. Within a wreath on the reverse is VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX in four lines. The mint letters at the base of the wreath don’t show up well enough for me to say what they are.


The obverse would grade good Fine but the reverse is only Fine. A minus point is the small crack in the edge. The overall condition could be better but this siliqua should still be worth £30 to £40.

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