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Short cross penny of Henry III

Roger Paul said he had been short of decent finds of late due to the shortage of detectable land. This is likely to get worse before it gets better, for most arable fields are now planted up with crops of one kind or another. We all look forward to harvest time, the only snag being that corn stubble can be very difficult to detect through until it has a had couple of months to rot down.

Finds being few and far between, Roger was pleased when the hammered silver coin featured here turned up. It’s a voided short cross penny of Henry III. On the reverse the legend reads +RICARD ON LVN, so Ricard is the moneyer and London the mint. The coin must belong to class 7b, as this was the only class during which Ricard was an official at London.


In the Standard Catalogue Henry III pennies of this class are listed as number 1356b. Roger’s find isn’t scarce, so in its present at of preservation I would price it no higher than £22 – £25.

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