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Short cross penny of Cnut

After having difficulty in trying to decipher the legend on the reverse of this coin, Geoff Bramble asked if I could help.

The coin is a rather nice short cross penny of Cnut (number 1159 in the Standard Catalogue). Anglo-Saxon pennies are almost invariably well struck on round flans and the lettering is clear and easy to read. Unfortunately, the first image I received of the reverse was blurred so I couldn’t read the lettering. However, when Geoff sent a sharper image everything fell into place.

The legend on the reverse reads +BRIHTRED ON – (the last one or two letter are unclear). Even though I can’t make out the mint signature on this coin it must have been struck at Canterbury, for only at that mint was there an official by the name of Brihtred.
Geoff’s Cnut penny is in very good condition and would be a welcome addition to any collection of detecting finds.

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