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Anglo-Saxon saucer brooch

Last week we featured a pair of Anglo-Saxon saucer brooches, which had been sold at auction for £24,000. For the pair to achieve such a high price there must have been at least two very wealthy bidders who desperately wanted them.

After seeing those on this website Mike Ruczynski sent in images of a single brooch, which had been found by his brother, John. It is the same size as the pair sold at auction but the decoration is less elaborate. Mike wondered if John’s brooch would now be worth £12,000.

I’m sure Mike didn’t expect me to say yes but I suppose that it is a question that could come up after a pair had been sold for £24,000.
Most items sold at auction realise a figure in line with their market value. Sometimes things sell for a bit less sometimes they sell for a bit more. Just occasionally there is a ‘flyer’ – a lot that sells for a staggeringly high figure. The pair of saucer brooches is a good example.


John’s saucer brooch is a very nice example but if it was being offered for sale at auction then in its present condition I’d expect the pre-sale estimate to be in the region of £800.

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