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Shilling of Elizabeth I

A detectorist signing himself as Mr Johnson said these two hammered silver coins were unearthed during his second visit to a new permission in Cumbria. The new site is proving to be a good one so I’m sure that Mr Johnson will be unearthing more hammered silver coins during future searches.


Shilling of Elizabeth I

The first is an early shilling of Elizabeth I.

On both sides the mint mark is a cross crosslet, which dates the coin to 1560-61.

Sadly, the overall state of preservation isn’t good. On the obverse the legend is decent but the area within the inner circle is poor and scratched. The reverse would grade only Fair. The coin has also been clipped, which is another minus point. In terms of its market value, in its present condition my valuation figure would £20 at best.

Penny of Edward II

Mr Johnson’s second coin is an early penny of Edward II.

It’s an example of class 11a and was struck at London. The coin would grade Fair to Fine and is fairly common, so my price range would be no higher than £12 to £15.

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