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Shilling of Elizabeth I

Lots of Elizabeth I coins are unearthed by detectorists but most of them are sixpences or smaller denominations. Therefore, it’s nice when a larger coin turns up.

Here we have a shilling of Elizabeth I, which was found by John Lashmar. It has mint mark martlet on both sides, which dates the coin to 1560-61.


The obverse would grade good Fine but he reverse isn’t quite as good and has been struck off centre. Unfortunately, the coin has a couple of significant defects: part of the edge has been lost and there is a crack in the flan.

It cannot be stressed too strongly that the main factor in relation to the value of any coin is its state of preservation; whilst there is a ready market for specimens in good condition, the same coins in the lower grades can struggle to attract a buyer, even when catalogue and previous sale prices are heavily discounted. Go back a few decades and rarity was all important but today condition reigns supreme. With the edge loss and the crack I would my highest price range on this coin would be £40 – £50.

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