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Shilling of Edward VI

This coin was unearthed some time since by Roger Paul. It’s a large hammered silver coin, in regard to which Roger said: “Unfortunately, we don’t locate finds like this one anymore on well-searched sites.” This might be true but even on fields that have been covered countless times there is always the possibility of something good turning up.

Roger’s find is a profile type shilling of Edward VI. On the obverse the legend starts with EDWARD and on the reverse it starts with TIMOR. The mint mark on both sides is a letter Y so the coin was struck at the Southwark mint. This is a base issue, struck in only 6oz. silver at 80 grains in weight during the second debased issue.

The bust on the obverse appears to be number 5 and is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 2066B. There are two dates for the type: 1549 and 1550, the second being much scarcer than the first. This coin is dated MDL (1550) in Roman numerals on the reverse, so it is the scarcer date.    


On both the obverse and reverse there are a few scuffs but overall the coin would grade about VF for the issue. A couple of years since a collection of debased Edward VI shillings was offered for sale at auction and several did not reach their lower estimates so they were unsold. This suggests that demand is not strong for the type. However, this is a rare date for the type and the condition is better than usual, so if it was offered for sale at auction it should fetch around £300.

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