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Shield shaped weight

Keith Waudby said this find measures 40mm tall, 5mm thick and weighs 61 grams. I was asked if I could provide Keith with further details.

This find is made of lead, it is shield-shaped with a flat back and a double fleur de lis on the front. It is a lead weight of a type that is almost invariably dated to the late medieval period. However, several year back I saw an example that had an integrally cast date on it. The date was 1676, which proves that weights like this one were still being made and used in the post medieval period.

Shield-shaped weights are not uncommon as detecting finds. I know a detectorist who once retrieved several examples out of the same hole. Perhaps someone had buried them for safekeeping and never got round to digging them up again.

This specimen is in good condition and would be a welcome addition to any collection of detecting finds.

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