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Sheriff of Derbyshire’s ring declared treasure

A gold mourning ring of Sir Thomas Gresley was declared to be treasure this week. The ring was found by detectorist John Startin-Taylor near Walton on Trent, Derbyshire in May 2021. John said “it was indeed exciting. It would be lovely if I could go in the same field and find a ring to celebrate his birth

The ring is inscribed “Sir Tho: Gresly obyt 5 June 99”. This refers to Sir Thomas Gresley the 2nd Baronet of Gresley of Drakelow.

drakelow hall
Drakelowe Hall, circa 1880

The Gresley family lived at Drakelowe Hall, Derbyshire for 28 generations until 1931. Thomas and many of his descendants were the High Sheriff of Derbyshire. Gresley church contains many memorials to the Gresley family. The most elaborate is an ornate alabaster tomb erected to the memory of this Sir Thomas: Under an arch in the centre is a kneeling baronet and round the tomb are the arms of every marriage of his ancestors.

Derby Museum had expressed an interest in acquiring the ring.

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