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Sestertius of Antoninus Pius

This is the second Roman sestertius to come in from Stephen Palmer. Its overall condition isn’t as good as the first one but it’s still a reasonably decent looking coins.

It’s another coin of Antoninus Pius, whose dates are AD 138-61. Around the laureate head of the emperor on the obverse is a legend reading ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P IMP II. On the reverse a figure is seated upon a chair made up of two crossed cornucopia and the legend on this side reads TR POT XX COS IIII. Some sources identify the seated figure as Securitas, others as Justicia.

David Sear, in volume II of Roman Coins and Their Values, lists the type as number 1452 and dates it to AD 156-57.

Due to the weak legends, especially on the reverse, it took some time to pin the coin down. When everything is clear identification is easy but it can be difficult when crucial detail is missing.    


This coin is similar to the ‘curate’s egg’, in that it is good in parts. As it stands my price range would be £60 to £80.

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