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Septimus Severus, denarius

This is the last find from a group of three that came in from Darren Smith. It’s a Roman denarius and Darren thought it could be a coin of Septimius Severus but wasn’t sure if he was correct.     

Firstly, this is a denarius of Septimius Severus, whose dates are AD 193 to 211. The legend on the obverse reads L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP (the end isn’t clear) around the laureate head of the emperor. On the reverse is the figure of Victory, holding a wreath and a palm branch, and a legend reading VICT AVGG COS II P P. David Sear, in volume II of Roman Coins and Their Values, lists the reverse as number 6370 but with a different obverse legend (type A). However, the reverse is also known combined with a type D obverse legend, as on this coin. If this denarius had a type A obverse the mint would be Laodicea but as it is type D the mint will be Rome and the date of issue will be AD 197-98. 


The edge is rather irregular but this denarius is otherwise in VF condition. It isn’t a scarce variety but should still be worth around £35 to a collector.

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