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Roman finger ring

This is another of Darren Smith’s finds. It’s a Roman base metal finger ring weighing 10 grams, which was probably made during the 3rd century AD.

As is usually the case with early Roman finger rings, the hoop is oval in shape. The vesica-shaped bezel is set with a blue oval (probably glass), which depicts a figure advancing to the left.

A very wide range of jewellery was manufactured during the Roman period. For the highest section of society it would be made of gold and set with precious gems. Those not so well off would wear silver jewellery. Those who had money to spare but couldn’t afford things made of gold or silver would buy things made of base metal.




Despite the fact that this ring would have been made for the lower end of the market, it is still attractive and in good condition. If offered for sale at auction then a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be £150 – £180.

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