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Roman plate brooch

Roger Paul said that good finds have been few and far between of late but he did locate the copper-alloy Roman plate brooch pictured here. It is likely to date from the 2nd-3rd century AD and is a type I’ve never seen before. Having said this, there will be a host of Roman brooches that I’ve never seen and never will see.

The domed centre rises up and Roger said it appears to have a face on it. To the right is what looks like a loop but underneath it are the swivel mounts for the fastening pin. The back is hollowed out and to the left is a stub, which is all that remains of the catchplate.


This is an unusual type but has no enamel decoration and the copper-alloy fabric is a bit rough. Detectorists have dug up such a high number of Roman brooches that they now have to be in really good condition in order to be of interest to collectors. Despite being an unusual type, in its present condition it would probably sell for under £20. It is nonetheless an interesting detecting find, which is not far short of two thousand years old.

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