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Roman brooch

Pictured here is another find that came in from Derek Henderson. This one is a brooch dating from the Roman period.

This measures about 25mm in diameter and is made of copper-alloy. The front is recessed and has a raised design in the form of a triskele or a trumpet whorl. The design is influenced by Celtic artwork and would originally have been surrounded by blue enamel but only traces have survived. On the back there would have been mounts for a pin and a catch but both have been lost.


Despite the fact that almost all the enamel is missing, the front of this brooch is still reasonably attractive. Go back 50 years and a brooch like this would have been rare. However, over the last 50 years detectorists have dug up so many Roman examples that today they now have to be in really good condition to be of interest to collectors. Leading on from this, in its present condition my highest prices range on this find would be £15-20.

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