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Richmond type farthing of Charles I

This very small base metal coin was unearthed by Geoffrey John Bramble, who asked me to let him have a full ID on his find. It measures only 16mm in diameter but is shown greatly enlarged.

The con is a Richmond type farthing of Charles I. The name of the type originates from the Duchess of Richmond, who held a licence to issue these coins. They were very unpopular with the general public, as the value of the metal in each coin was worth far less than a farthing

On the obverse is a crown and crossed sceptres and a legend that reads CARO DG MAG BRIT. On the reverse is a crowned harp and a legend reading FRA ET HIB REX. There will be a mint mark on the obverse but I was unable to make it out.

With the characteristics mentioned above, this farthing is an example of Richmond type 2. It is listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 3183.

Geoffrey said his find looks to be bright in places so he wondered if it could be silver. Some Charles I farthings were tinned before they went into circulation so the bright areas will be reflective tin rather than silver.

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