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Richard II, halfpenny

Here is another of John Warden’s finds, which was photographed and sent in by his daughter, Beverley Dott. This one is a hammered silver halfpenny of Richard II.

On the obverse is a facing bust of the king and a legend reading RICARD REX AnGL. On the reverse the legend read CIVI TAS LOn DOn, so this halfpenny was struck at London. The C of CIVI appears to be struck over a thinner letter C. In English Coins 1180-1551 halfpennies like this one are listed as class IV.

This is one of the hammered silver coins that used to be quite scarce. However, thanks to a regular supply of detecting finds, they are now fairly common. Over the last 20 years I have seen dozens of new specimens.


The obverse is weak in places but would grade good Fine. The reverse is better: as it is a good, central strike. In its present condition a collector should be willing to pay £60 in order to acquire it.

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