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Quarter noble of Edward III

Pictured here is a rather nice hammered gold coin, which was unearthed many years since by Rob Warwick. I was asked what the valuation figure would be today on this coin.

Rob’s find is a quarter noble of Edward III. There is no French title in the obverse legend and there is a fleur de lis in the centre of the reverse.  Therefore, this coin was struck at London during the treaty period, which lasted from 1361 to 1369. This was a period when the English coffers were full after the booty built up directly before the battle fought at Poitiers in 1356 and the huge gains from ransoms after it.

In the 30 years I have been involved with metal detecting finds I have seen a wide range of hammered gold coins. The examples I have seen most often are treaty period quarter nobles of Edward III. Sadly, I have never managed to locate one myself but I live in hope of doing so. 


The quarter noble found by Rob is well and centrally struck on a full flan and would grade nearly VF. Despite the fact that it isn’t a rarity, if it was sold at auction then the hammer price shouldn’t be any lower than £600.

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