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Quarter noble of Edward III

One of the most important requirements for a detectorist is a tool of some kind for digging. In soft soil this might be a trowel, for harder ground and deeper finds a spade. Very occasionally a good find may be spotted on the surface but in my experience this is rare.

Andrew Coates must have been amazed when he spotted the coin featured here, for it lay upon the surface of the soil in his garden! The coin is hammered gold, in the shape of a quarter noble of Edward III. Being an example of the treaty period (1361-69) it’s the type I see most often as a detecting find but this is the first I have heard of that turned up in someone’s garden.


The obverse is weak in places but would grade nearly Fine; the reverse is a bit off centre but is otherwise in Fine condition. In its present state of preservation it would be worth around £300.

I’m left wondering how many more gold and silver hammered coins might still be in Andrew’s garden?

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