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Posthumous half crown of Henry VIII

A detectorist signing himself as Tomasz asked me to provide details about the hammered gold coin pictured here. It measures 19mm in diameter and Tomasz wanted to know exactly what it is and what it might be worth.

Within the inner circle on the obverse is a crowned rose flanked by a letter h and a letter R. The legend on this side reads RVTILANS ROSA SINE; another word follows on but is unclear. On the reverse is a crowned shield flanked by h and R. The legend isn’t altogether clear but if everything could be seen then it would read HENRIC 8 D G AG FR Z HB REX. On both sides the mint mark is an arrow pointing downwards, the lettering is mostly Roman and the stops in the legend are lozenges. At 19mm in diameter this coin is a gold halfcrown.

The coin bears the name of Henry VIII but it was struck after his death during the posthumous coinage when Edward VI was king (1547-51). It’s a Tower Mint issue, of a type listed in the Standard Catalogue as number 2399.  Several different varieties are known.  


There are two weak areas in the legend on both sides but the coin is otherwise in about VF condition. If offered for sale at auction I wouldn’t expect the pre-sale estimate to be any lower than £1,200-1,500.

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