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Plated gold stater of the Corieltauvi

This coin was recently unearthed by Glyn Peak. It looks like an Ancient British gold stater but Glyn had it tested and the result was that it is only 10% gold.

The obverse is blank but on the reverse is a horse facing left with groups of pellets above and below the head, VEP over the body and a star below it. Therefore, this is an example of the Vepo Vep type and it is listed in Ancient British Coins as number 1851 (a coin of the Corieltauvi).

A note below number 1851 in ABC states that six of the twelve known examples are plated. Another source states: “Six gold staters are known, of which three are in museums; six bronze cores are known, of which four are in museums.”    


Plated and base gold staters are worth a great deal less than those that are solid gold. However, Glyn’s find is extremely rare so would still be of interest to specialist collectors. The reverse is sharply struck and would grade VF with some eye appeal, so I would set the minimum price on the coin at £320.

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