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Denarius of Julia Titi

This is another find from the group that came in from Stephen Palmer. The last coin was a base metal follis but this one is a silver denarius.

On the obverse is the diademed head of a female facing right and a legend that reads (anti-clockwise) IVLIA AVGVSTA TITI AVGVSTI F. On the reverse the figure of Venus leans on a column whilst holding a helmet and a spear and the legend on this side reads (anti-clockwise) VENVS AVG. All this adds up to the coin being a denarius of Julia Titi, who was the daughter of Titus.

Denarii of Julia Titi are listed on page 480 in volume I of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values. The obverse on Stephen’s find matches Sear number 2612 but the reverse is the same as Sear 2611. Sear does not include this die pairing amongst his list of denarii. However, it is included in Roman Silver Coins as number 13.    


The obverse would grade about VF but the reverse is only Fine. I traced several similar denarii that had been sold over recent years but very few were of the same die pairing as this coin. The overall condition could be better but to a specialist collector this coin shouldn’t be worth any less than £350.

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