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Penny of King Eadmund

This coin was found by Asa Hearn, who asked for a valuation. It had already been identified by Dr. Martin Allen, who is based at the Fitzwilliam Museum, as a penny of King Eadmund, whose dates are AD 939 to 946.

The coin is an example of the two line type (English Hammered Coinage number 688, Standard Catalogue number 1105). On the obverse the legend reads EADMVND REX around a wire-line inner circle. On the reverse is the moneyer’s name, which was identified by Dr. Allen as being Leofing. However, the spelling on the coin is somewhat blundered.


The obverse would grade good Fine, the reverse Fine. The flan looks to be slightly bent and a piece has been lost from the edge. In its present state of preservation my highest pre-sale auction estimate would be £150 to £180

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