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Penny of Henry III

Glyn Peak asked me to identify and value this short cross penny. It’s a coin of Henry III, examples of which turn up quite regularly but this specimen isn’t the usual type.

On the reverse the name of the moneyer is NIChOLE but the mint signature, which will be London or Canterbury, isn’t clear. Before the moneyer’s name is a cross pommee so this penny belongs to class 8. On the obverse is a fairly crude face of the king and the X in REX is of a type used during class 8b.

Pennies of class 7 of Henry III are quite common but those of class 8 used to be very rare. The latter class is nothing like as rare as it used to be due to the number of examples unearthed by detectorists. However, they are still quite scarce.


Glyn’s find would grade Fine for the issue but a significant minus point is the doubt about the mint. The overall condition could be better but to a keen collector of short cross pennies it should still be worth £30 to £40.

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