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Penny of Alexander III of Scotland

William Hands said the only thing he knows about this coin is that it is Scottish. I was asked to provide as much information as possible on this find.

This is a first coinage silver penny of Alexander III of Scotland. On the obverse is a crowned head of the king and on the reverse is a voided long cross with a star in each angle.  Scottish pennies of this type were struck over almost the same period as English voided long cross coins of Henry III.

On the reverse of William’s find only three letters show up: AD in one quarter and A in the next quarter. Fortunately, the letters are a great help when it comes to identifying the mint and the moneyer. The penny is an example of class III and if all the reverse legend was visible then it would read AD AM ON RO. Therefore, the moneyer is Adam and the mint is Roxburgh.


Parts of the obverse legend are unclear but the head of Alexander shows up quite clearly. The reverse has been struck off centre and as already mentioned only three letters are visible. It’s much scarcer than English pennies of the same period but in its present state of preservation I’d price this Scottish coin no higher than £35.

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