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Penny of Alexander III

This is another hammered silver coin that came in from Rob Warwick. The last one dated from the Tudor period and was English but this specimen is Scottish and medieval in date. I was asked to give details about the date and mint and provide a valuation.

Rob’s find is a second coinage silver penny of Alexander III. It’s an example of the REX SCOTORVM type and dates from circa 1280 to at least 1286. As many as 50 million pennies of this type were struck, which goes some was to explain why lots of them have turned up in England as detecting finds.

On the reverse of this coin there is a mullet of six points in each angle and the 24 point total is the most common for this type. It has been suggested the mint could be Berwick but there is no documentary evidence to prove it.

On both sides the letter C and E are open, the letter A is tall and unbarred, the initial cross is plain and on the obverse the king’s neck has a shoulder. Therefore, I’d identify this penny as belonging to class Mc, which is listed in Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands as number 5055


The coin looks as if it would grade good Fine or slightly better so I would price it at £70.

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