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Penning of Floris V

Glyn Peak sent in this hammered silver coin to be identified and valued. It’s only about 15mm in diameter but is shown greatly enlarged. The coin is obviously a foreigner but where, when and for whom was it struck?

Within the inner circle on the obverse is a bare head facing left. If the whole of the legend could be seen then it would read +F COMES OLLANDE

On the reverse is a long cross with a rosette in each angle. The legend on this side reads MON ETA DOR D’CI.

The preceding information enables me to say that this coin is a penning of Floris V, whose dates are 1256-96. This coin was struck between 1293 and 1296 at the Dordrecht mint when Floris was Lord of Holland. In England it probably circulated as a halfpenny. This is one of the many coins that came into our country through trade and foreign visitors.


In good condition a Floris V penning can be worth up to £200. However, this example would grade only Fair to about Fine and there is a crack in the flan. In its present state of preservation I’d price Glyn’s find no higher than £25.

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