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Elizabeth I halfgroat

This coin is a very recent find, which came in from Colin Pearson. It’s an Elizabeth I halfgroat, examples of which turn up very regularly as detecting finds. However, this one is in well above average condition.

The coin has mint mark 1 on both sides, which dates it to precisely 1601. A figure 1 is scarcer than many other mint marks that occur on halfgroats.

The face of Elizabeth I on the obverse is weak but the legend is VF. The reverse has no weakness and is a strong VF. In many cases the portrait of the queen is engraved into the dies in very low relief. This is the case with this coin. Even when it was freshly struck the portrait of Elizabeth would not have stood out well.


Despite the fact that this coin will be almost in its ‘as struck’ condition, the weakness on the obverse will have a significant impact on its possible commercial value. As it stands, my price range would be £50 – £60.

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