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PAS Review: week ended 18 June 2021

PAS Review: week ended 18 June 2021

A round-up of some of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 18 June 2021. There were 241 finds recorded in this week

Featured Find

Eagle harness pendant

Photo: Surrey County Council CC BY SA2.0
Object type: Harness Pendant
Period: Medieval
Primary material: Copper alloy
Date found: 21/09/2019
Location: South Northamptonshire

A medieval gilt horse harness pendant in the form of an eagle, with a round suspension loop representing the birds head. It is thought to date from 1150 – 1300. There are a couple of similar examples on the PAS but this one is in exceptional condition, with most of the gilding still in place.

Selection of other finds

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0

Roman figurine

This Roman bird figurine, believed to date from AD 43 – 410, is a Find of Note: County importance. It has the lenticular eyes and hooked beak of a bird of prey, perhaps and eagle. The eagle was associated with Jupiter in Roman mythology.
Photo: Birmingham Museums Trust CC By 2.0

Cosmetic Mortar

A 75% complete cosmetic mortar of Late Iron Age to Early Roman, dating c. 100 BC to 200 AD. The mortar is one half of a cosmetic set, the other half would be a pestle, most probably used for grinding cosmetic material such as eye or face paint.
Photo: Birmingham Museums Trust CC By 2.0

Medieval key

An iron key dating to 1200 – 1300. The key has a bow, a solid stem tapering towards the end, and a S-shaped web with notched fore-edge (five teeth on outer edge of the web).
Photo: North Lincolnshire Museum CC By SA2.0

Medieval annular brooch

A copper alloy brooch dating to 1200 – 1400. There are extensive gilding traces to the display side. The four beads take the place of collets which were often added to brooches of this type.
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