PAS Finds

PAS Finds: week ended 25 February 2022

PAS Finds: week ended 25 February 2022

My selection of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 25 February 2022

Featured Find

Anglo-Saxon sword

Photo: Sussex Archaeological Society
Object type: Sword
Period: Anglo-Saxon
Primary material: Iron
Date found: 01/02/2022
Location: Wealden, East Sussex

An Anglo-Saxon, Viking style sword dating to c. 850-1050 AD. Vikings passed down their swords from one generation to the next and so it is possible that some were used over a couple of centuries.

The sword was found in the submerged banks of a watercourse. In 1916, dredging operations in the river Colne near Colchester yielded a number of 8th century Saxon weapons. It was suggested in this case that the river was a place of deliberate deposition, perhaps as a gift to the gods to secure victory.

It is a Find of Note: County importance

Selection of other finds

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0

De Grey seal matrix

A 14th century seal matrix of heater shield shape. The legend reads SIGILL’ PEIS DE GREY suggesting a connection with the de Grey family. Anchetil de Greye is listed in the Domesday Book, Lady Jane Grey was briefly queen and Lord Grey’s government enacted the abolition of slavery.
Photo: Suffolk County Council

17th century silver bodkin

Part of a 17th century silver bodkin. These types of pin were used in the first half of the seventeenth century in the Low Countries as head-dress ornaments. They are particularly found in East Anglia due to the Dutch trade and immigration there. It is going through the treasure process.
Photo: Sussex Archaeological Society

Bronze Age chisel

A complete tanged chisel dating to c. 1000-800 BC. It is in good condition and undamaged. It is a Find of Note: County importance
Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0

Medieval candle holder

A decorative element of a candle holder in the form of a lion which probably dates to c. 1300-1500. There are a few similar examples on the PAS database but this is the only one which retains a square bracket.
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