PAS Finds

PAS Finds: week ended 13 may 2022

PAS Finds: week ended 13 may 2022

My selection of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 13 may 2022.

Featured Find

Mount of Henry VI

Photo: Bristol City Council CC By SA2.0
Object type: Mount
Period: Medieval
Primary material: Silver
Date found: 03/04/2022
Location: Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

A silver gilt mount showing a standing king, holding a globus cruciger (an orb surmounted by a cross) in his left hand and a sceptre in his right. It could have been mounted on a strap or possible a book. The PAS record states that there are no known parallels for this mount and uses to clues in the design to try to identify the king.

Bust and crown

The style of the bust and crown can be found on coins of the 14th and 15th century.

Letter H

To the left of the king is a Lombardic H which is similar to letter H on 15th century coins. If, as seems reasonable, the letter H refers to a king then, presuming it’s 15th century, this could refer to Henry V, Henry VI or Henry VII.


To the right of the king is a rose. This has only one row of petals, in contrast to the double row of a Tudor rose. Hence, the rose could point to the house of Lancaster. The use of the rose symbol became more prominent during the War of the Roses.

Henry VI

Taking all of these factors together suggests that the strongest candidate for the identify of the king is Henry VI.

Selection of other finds

Photo: Birmingham Museums Trust CC By SA2.0

Bronze Age Palstave

A complete palstave dating to c 1400BC – 1150BC. It is a Find of Note of County Importance.
Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By SA2.0

Medieval stylus

A Romanesque style stylus dating to c. late 11th to 13th century. It is unusual because the eraser (the flared end) emerges from the mouth of a beast, possibly a dragon. It has been designated a Find of Note of Regional Importance.
Photo: Sussex Archaeological Society CC By SA2.0

Birdlip brooch

A Birdlip (or Beaked Bow) brooch dating to 30 BC to 60 AD. The main feature of these brooches is the turned-up ‘beak’ below a bold transverse moulding on the bow, giving the impression of a bird’s head. This is a fine example and has been designated a Find of Note: County Importance.
Photo: Northamptonshire County Council CC By SA2.0

Pastry Jigger

An 18th century pastry jigger, (or various other names such as Pastry Jaggers, Pastry Wheels, Jagging Irons or Janing Irons). It is missing its crimping wheel, between the arms, and possibly some other crimping device from the broken end of the handle.
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