Gold Thrysma

A detecting find from January 2022. You can read about the find in Gold thrymsa which was found in January for sale

The coin dates to c 650 -670. However, the design is based on a coin of Crispus, a Roman emperor from the 4th century . The legend includes Runic text which translates to Delaiona. This was once thought to be a mint signature for London but is now considered to refer to the moneyer.This is only the ninth example of this type and it is in excellent condition.

The detectorist who found it was Mark Pallett. After the auction he said “I am truly overwhelmed by the price that the coin achieved and am pleased for myself and the farmer who will get half of the proceeds. I did think about buying a new detector with the money but I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with my current one as it helped me find this wonderful coin!

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