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Northumbrian silver sceat of Eadberht

This coin came in from a detectorist named Richard. I was asked to identify the coin and provide a valuation to pass on to a landowner.

The coin is a Northumbrian silver sceat of Eadberht, whose dates are AD 737 to 758. In the centre of the obverse is a boss within a beaded circle and the legend on this side reads EDTBERHTVS; the letter D is square and the S is reversed.

The creature on the reverse (facing right) is sometimes described as a stylised stag. Below the stag is a triquetra and there is a pellet within the curved arc of its tail.

There are many varieties of the sceats of Eadberht. Go back 25 years and example were rare but a very high number have turned up as detecting finds during the intervening years. Today I would estimate the number known as at least 200.  


Richard’s find is closest to lot 359 in the Abramson collection, which was catalogued as an example of series F. The Abramson sceat (sold 2021) achieved a hammer price of £320. The sceat pictured here would grade good VF and has more eye appeal than lot 359 so my valuation figure would be £400.

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