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Gold stater of the Regni and Atrebates

Matthew Groves sent in the images of this find the day after it was unearthed on the 7th of April. It’s an Ancient British gold stater, on which Matthew asked for more information.

On the obverse is a wreath design and on the reverse a disjointed horse facing left. The horse has straight legs, a large pellet below and an eye behind it.

A number of staters share designs similar to this, which is problematic when trying to distinguish one from the other. However, I would suggest that this coin is an early issue of the Regni and Atrebates. In Ancient British Coins it is listed as the Westerham South type (number 482) and in the Standard Catalogue it comes under Early Uninscribed Coinage as British A (number 21).


This stater is well struck and would grade VF. If offered for sale at auction then I wouldn’t expect the hammer price to be any lower than £600.

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