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Noonans sell detectorist’s collection of Iron Age coins

Noonans sell detectorist’s collection of Iron Age coins

Noonans held an auction of coins, tokens and medals on 13 July 2022.  The auction included a good number of recent detecting finds including a detectorist’s collection of Iron Age coins. The sales results were in line with expectations.

A penny of Offa, that we had previously featured in our PAS review, did particularly well but a couple of recent artefact finds failed to sell.

To view any of my selected lots in the auction catalogue click on the lot number. The full catalogue can be found here.

There is a buyer’s premium of 24% (plus VAT) on the hammer price.

Detectorist's collection of Iron Age coins

The first 34 lots in the auction are from the collection of an Hertfordshire detectorist. Most of the coins are the owner’s finds; the other coins in his collection were contributed by other detectorists in his family, who were aware of his passion for the subject.

His interest in detecting began when he received a detector as a Christmas present as a schoolboy. After Christmas dinner he went out in a local farmer’s field and found a halfpenny of George III. His finds continued with the usual crotal bells, thimbles and such like. In April he struck gold when he found a Whaddon Chase stater. Imagine the excitement for a schoolboy.

This sparked an interest in Iron Age coins. His collection is the result of over 30 years detecting.

Photo: © Noonans

Stater of the Trinovantes

Uninscribed “Late Whaddon Chase” type. Found on 1 October 2007 in St Edmundsbury, Suffolk and recorded at the PAS as ESS-2517A2.
Estimate: £2,000 – £2,600
Hammer: £2000
Photo: © Noonans

Quarter stater of the Catuvellauni, Whaddon Cross

Found on 1 January 2015 in East Hertfordshire and recorded at the PAS as BM-E55FC6.
Estimate: £500 – £700
Hammer: £550
Photo: © Noonans

Quarter stater of the Catuvellauni, shell box

“Shell Box” type quarter stater in the name of Addedomaros.
Estimate: £500 – £600
Hammer: £400
Photo: © Noonans

Gold stater of Cunobelin

Issued in the name of Cunobelin (CVNO below horse on reverse). Found on 22 June 2012 in East Hertfordshire and recorded at the PAS as CAM-2204F6.
Estimate: £900 – £1,200
Hammer: £900
Photo: © Noonans

Stater of Cunobelin, Classic type

Classic A type stater issued in the name of Cunobelin.
Estimate: £900 – £1,200
Hammer: £1000
Photo: © Noonans

Quarter stater of Cunobelin

“Plastic” type Quarter stater of Cunobelin
Estimate: £500 – £600
Hammer: £400

Other detecting finds

My selection of the other detecting finds in the auction:

Featured Lot

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By SA2.0

“Portrait” Penny of Offa

Mint: Canterbury
Estimate: £3000 – £4000
Hammer: £6500
Date found: 05/02/2022
Location: Herefordshire

We covered this coin in our PAS finds review a couple of months ago where it was a Find of Note. It is a penny of Offa dating to 783 – 792, moneyer Babba, probably of Canterbury. The auctioneer has this as the first portrait penny of Babba although the PAS records has it as the second example (other in the Fitzwilliam). It is certainly a find of some numismatic interest.

Other lots

Photo: © Noonans

Penny of Coenwulf

Penny of Coenwulf. Reverse reads PIHTR+ED giving the moneyer as Wihtræd. Mint is uncertain but possibly Ipswich. Found on 13 February 2022 near Bishops Stortford and recorded at the EMC as 2022.0081.
Estimate: £300 – £400
Hammer: £650
Photo: © Noonans

Penny of William I

The reverse reads GODRI ON DEOTFOR giving the moneyer Godric and mint Thetford for this penny of William I. Found on 3 April 2022 near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Estimate: £1,000 – £1,200
Photo: © Noonans

Penny of Henry I

Officially snicked penny of Henry I, found near Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire in March 2022.
Estimate: £200 – £260
Hammer: £400
Photo: © Noonans

Dragonesque brooch

Late Celtic, Dragonesque brooch dating to 1st-2nd century AD. Found at Great Asby, Cumbria in 2012.
Estimate: £1,000 – £1,200
Photo: © Noonans

Spatula handle of Minerva

2n century Roman spatula handle in the form of Minerva. Found on 1 May 2009 in Heytesbury, Wiltshire and recorded at the PAS as WILT-9F0F01.
Estimate: £160 – £200
Hammer: £160
Photo: © Noonans

Reliquary cross

Late medieval reliquary cross pendant with a locket. It presumably contains a relic, although the lid is fused shut. Found in November 2017 in Breckland, Norfolk and recorded at the PAS as NMS-5B2191.
Estimate: £600 – £800
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