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MIZPAH gold ring

The images of this item were sent in by someone named Terry but the find was unearthed by Oliver Jackson. It’s actually not unusual for this to happen, as we all aren’t be knowledgeable enough to know the ins and outs of computers.

Oliver’s find is a 9 carat gold finger ring. The elongated openwork bezel is formed of six letters that make up MIZPAH. I was asked to identify the ring and say how much I thought it could be worth.

MIZPAH is Hebrew for ‘watch-over’. Finger rings bearing this message have been popular for a good length of time. Some think they give good luck, others just find comfort from wearing them. They can be bought today and a wide range of designs are available on the internet.

In terms of its possible value, much would depend on its weight. Most jewellers would offer only the scrap gold price. When items are damaged this is fair enough but when an item is in decent condition and could be resold then surely a higher figure than the scrap price should be offered. Therefore, if you are selling things made of gold then shop around for the best price.

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