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Mary, Groat

Roger Paul seems to be very good at finding Mary groats. The one pictured here was unearthed only a couple of weeks after the last one he located. It came off a different farm, which is about 15 miles away from the other one. The last specimen was quite good but this groat is even better. The only defect is what looks like a small dent behind Mary’s head, which detracts minimally from the overall appearance of the coin. The coin has been well and centrally struck on a round flan and it is in VF condition.


In the Standard Catalogue the VF price is £525 and this is the figure you could expect to pay if you were buying from one of the big dealers. However, auction prices are often below the latest catalogue prices. Even though Roger’s find has the small dent, if it was offered for sale at auction I would be surprised if the hammer price was any lower than £400.

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