Fun and Games

Billy catalogues his finds

Betty was always telling Billy that he took no notice of how she dressed or how she looked. On a number of occasions she had said: “The only thing you’re interested in is bloody detecting and the junk you dig up. If you’re not out digging then you’re in the shed sorting through bits and pieces of scrap metal.”

One day Billy was cataloguing finds in his shed when the door burst open. Betty stood in the doorway and started a conversation, which went as follows:

Betty: “Look at me and tell me what reminds you of World War Two?”

Oh hell, thought Billy, what can it be?

Billy: “Er, it’s the pattern on your dress – like they had during the war years.”

Betty: “No!”

Billy: “Ah, I know. You’ve got shoulder pads.”

Betty: “No!”

Billy: “I’ve got it. Your shoes, they are kind of old looking.”

Betty: “No!”

Billy: “Go on then, I give up.”

Betty: “I’m wearing a gas mask!”

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